I have been coaching for 20 years, and some of those on the list have been coaching in excess of 30 years. The coaches on the list are some of the most experienced with a proven track record.

As head GB coach I have contact, in some shape or form, with most of these coaches which puts me in a good position to compile this list. And I want it made clear that I am unapologetic for the anti-drug ethos principle that it has.

I believe a list such as this is long overdue as there are too many potential champions, who through no fault of their own, are being coached into non-drug tested powerlifting federations. This can carry a 12 month automatic ban if they compete internationally for one of federations.

Why should it matter which federation you compete in? Well, if your intention is to compete on a fair playing field against the best drug-free lifters in the country, with the opportunity to officially represent your country, then the GBPF is the right pathway.

If you have even bigger dreams, then the IPF is the biggest and best powerlifting federation in the world to achieve this. The coaches on this list produce lifters that do exactly that.

The criteria to be on the list is as follows.

Coaches must:
1. Only coach lifters in tested federations.
2. Only actively participate in an official capacity in IPF international sanctioned championships.
3. Be able to prove they have coached at least one lifter who has competed at the EPF or IPF world level.
4. Be able to demonstrate a track record of producing technically good lifters to a British standard - coached at least 2 senior lifters to medal position at the GBPF British Championships. No one hit wonders here!

Further details regarding criteria can be found at the end.

International Powerlifting Coaches UK

Name Phone Number Email Location
Paul Rees paulrees@bournemouthbarbell.co.uk Bournemouth
Marc Giles 07826638059 Lincolnshire
Arun Singh Arun.singh501@hotmail.co.uk West Midlands
Ben Banks britishpowerlifting@british­barbell.co.uk Greater London
Emma Cresswell 07966075535 emmacresswell@yahoo.co.uk Cardiff, Wales
Jas Singh jsinghcy@yahoo West Midlands
Fred Mackenzie frederick575@btinternet.com
Tom Gee 07841700848 tgee@lincoln.ac.uk Lincolnshire
Martin Bass bbasshouse@aol.com London
Sergei Licis Sergei@dynamohove.co.uk Brighton
Charlie Shotton-­Gale Charlie@sg­fitness.co.uk Swindon
John Soulsby 07505702516 ats.soulsby@gmail.com Edinburgh
Dean Bowring Deanbowring@googlemail.com Portsmouth
Ross Holmes ross.holmes@real­fit.co.uk Basingstoke
Sean Ryan 0792261905 charlie_western@hotmail.com Northern Ireland
Lawrence Farncombe 07832264744 coachfarncombe@hotmail.co.uk London
Jim Dulling 077227268914 jimdulling@hotmail.com Durham
Tiffany Croker hamiltonsfitness@aol.com Colchester
Catherine Wass hamiltonsfitness@aol.com Colchester
William Lincoln 01563550864 w.lincoln44@btinternet.com Scotland
Alex Lee alexderlee@tiscali.co.uk Durham
Chun-­Wun Cheung cwnc1990@hotmail.co.uk Greater London
Stephen Manuel 07805010215 Stephen.manual.pt@gmail.com Liverpool

In order to for me to verify your coaching achievements please could you provide the follow:

Names and contact details of the lifters you have coached.

The dates in which you coached lifters and the championships your lifters achieved the outlined list criteria)

If you would like to be added to the list please email your credentials and the lifters you have produced at coachfarncombe@hotmail.co.uk

The list is for gifted coaches not necessarily coaches with gifted athletes, hence the proven track record criteria. The list comprises of the best International coaches in the UK with a proven track record and hopefully it will in time inspire others.

It took me many years before I produced the lifters to this standard. I appreciate that there are very good coaches that might not have coached athletes to this level. However be confident that it will happen, and probably a lot faster as the sport is growing considerably.

As previously stated, I make no apologies for this list criteria. I think it is the correct approach to only include coaches with an anti-drug ethos; and who have attained the standard to be considered as credible international powerlifting coaches.

It's simple, it is bad enough if a coach doesn’t care what their athletes put in their bodies; but they also need to realise all the strength gains accomplished are almost impossible to quantify. It would be difficult for a coach to know the strength gains they and their athletes have accomplished are not simply a by-product of the potions they either pushed or turned a blind eye to.

The track record is crucial as it excludes those coaches that have through luck, rather than skill and effort, stumbled across that one very talented individual. If you are not on the list but meet the criteria, please email me and I will update it accordingly.

The list has a clear criteria which would negate any concerns about showing favouritism. If you meet the criteria you make it on the list.

Please note there is no particular relevance given to where people are placed on the list.