Powerlifting Needs Analysis Form

Terms & Conditions


  1. These are the terms & conditions on which the Service to you will be sold. You can only purchase the Service from this Website if you are eligible to enter into a contract and are at least 18 years old


  1. All services are subject to availability.

  2. There is a minimum term of three months for weekly online coaching service.

Customer responsibilities.

  1. The Customer must submit training videos 24 hours before the prearranged Skype consultation. Video analysis will not be provided during Skype consultation if Customer fails to submit training videos within the specified time period.

  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their availability for the allocated time slot for the Skype consultation. If the Customer cannot be available they must send notification at least 48 hours before the Skype consultation time slot. An alternative time may be allocated, but this concession will be subject to availability.

  3. Before submitting the application the Customer must read and understand the following;

    1. totally understand that you (customer) may injure yourself as a result of participation in powerlifting or the program, and hereby release Strength coach Farncombe from any liability now or in the future for any injury, including, but not limited to heart attacks, death, muscles/ ligaments or tendons strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, soreness or injury however caused, occurring during or after participation in the powerlifting preparation program offered.

    2. ..By submitting this application, you state that in consideration of your participation in Strength coach Farncombe’s online powerlifting programing, you for yourself, your personal representatives, administrators, heirs and assigns, hereby holds harmless, Strength coach Farncombe from any claims arising from your participation in the powerlifting preparation program.

Basis of the sale

  1. Upon acceptance the customer will be advised of means of contact. No other means of contact will be accepted or acknowledged

  2. The order process is set out on the website.

  3. The Customer is advised to consult a doctor prior and is advised to have blood work and a full physical prior to starting any programme.

  4. There will be no refunds of payment following conformation and acceptance

  5. These Terms & Conditions apply only to a Contract entered into by the Customer.

Fees and Payment

  1. The fees for the service is set out on the website at the date the order is accepted.