As a fully accredited UKSCA strength and conditioning coach, my goal is to give you the physical tools you need to achieve the level you aspire to in any sport.

To help you achieve your potential I will categorise your limiting factors; this will be done through a series of tests and processes that will identify your imbalances and/or athletic needs within your chosen sport.

​Part of that process can include a consultation with you and your coach, possibly filming you performing your sport; thereby getting a better understanding of your needs as an athlete.

Once this process is complete I will commence preparation for the annual periodised model, tailored to your specific needs.
Strength Coach Farncombe - Sport Conditioning

I offer personalised and sport-specific in-season & off-season strength & conditioning programs for athletes of all levels:

Explosive power and first-step speed - Multi-dimensional strength - Position-specific endurance - Structural balance testing - Biomechanics screening

Bio energy system training - Improved recovery time - Energy, focus and a commitment to winning

Injury rehab programs - Sport-specific Battery test - Periodised training systems - Full phone support


In most cases some, if not more, of the above will be integrated in the programs I design for you. I generally include 8 weekly battery tests that are applicable to you and to your sport, so that your progress is measurable.

In some cases athletes already have an annual periodised plan designed for them. Unfortunately, due to time constraints it is not always possible for the coaches to individualise the training for each athlete, and as a consequence you are not able to perform at the level you aspire to. This is where you will benefit from my skills and expertise. As a strength coach I can tailor the training to your specific needs in order for you to achieve peak performance when it counts. For you to achieve strength, speed or endurance I will manipulate different training phases with specific goals and outcomes, organised in a detailed sequence, hence creating specific adaptation. Once this adaptation is complete you will be physiologically equipped to produce your ultimate sport-specific performance.

I work with a variety of athletes, and as result the prices may vary. Prices may be affected due to travel, planning and many other factor. Payment may be a percentage of annual winnings, possible sponsorships or even up front payment for block of sessions. Please contact me for a accurate break down of charges based on your needs.
Below are just some of my many credentials and you will soon see how important these qualifications can be to you, the client.
PICP Level 4 | Strength Coach Farncombe

PICP Level 4

Lawrence has interned and completed all the necessary tasks to qualify as a PICP Level 4 international Strength Coach. This is no small feat as there are only a handful of strength coaches qualified to this level in the UK, and it confirms my ability to work with athletes on world class level.

UKSCA Accredited Strength Coach & Conditioning Coach

UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach

To be an accredited S&C Coach you need to be extensively tested both academically and physically to continuously confirm your ability to enable you to coach top British athletes at the very highest level.

Specialist Biomechanics Coach

Specialist Biomechanics Coach

A Biomechanics Coach can identify faulty intrinsic mechanics which negatively affect your posture or can potentially cause injury. Essentially, a Biomechanics Coach can help reduce the chance of injury and improve both posture and sport performance.

ITEC Sport Massage Therapist

ITEC Sport Massage Therapist

This qualification does not need any real explanation as we all know what a sport massage therapist does, but you can be sure that all sport massage therapists have a good grasp on anatomy and physiology, something that is very important when it comes to exercise prescription.

Nutritional Advice | Strength Coach Farncombe

S.N.H.S Advanced nutrition

It is well know that you could have the best training system in the world, but if your nutrition is not conducive to your goal then you will never achieve your fitness objective. Therefore you need a qualified trainer who has an understanding of healthy nutrition.

NASM Personal Trainer | Strength Coach Farncombe

NASM Personal Trainer

There is no mistake why we have put this qualification last as it would appear that these days any Tom, Dick or Harry can call themselves a personal trainer. But you can be sure that Lawrence is a fully accredited personal trainer with the National Academy of Sport Medicine.

I will not bore you with all my other qualifications but please feel free to contact me for further information.

It may appear as though the site is geared towards the training of athletes, but do not be put off by this. Just consider that if Coach Farncombe can help athletes achieve their ultimate goals in their sports using his knowledge and experience, then you can be sure he can help you achieve yours.