About Strength Coach : Lawrence Farncombe

In 20 years the credentials I am most proud of, are for the number of athletes that I helped become champions. I have worked as an S&C coach for athletes in a variety of sports to achieve British, European and World titles. I’ve coached numerous lifters to compete at IPF level which is considered to be the highest level for the sport of powerlifting. I believe this more than anything else validates what I do.

My credentials are vast and varied, as I’ve travelled the world coaching and being taught by some of the most esteemed coaches around. To be the best, you have to learn from the best. I truly believe if you wish to pass on the most effective training methodologies to athletes and clients alike you must have the knowledge and expertise to facilitate this.

My training systems have been printed in a wide range of publications. I am able to utilise my personal experience of competing in multiple combative sports and powerlifting, where I competed at national and international levels, winning both British and European Championships.

As you can see from my athletes' testimonials I have been lucky enough to play a role in the development of many top level athletes from various sports.

Over the years, as a knowledgeable and respected coach I have been approached by numerous athletes to help in their careers. I consider each and every encounter to be a valuable and a mutual learning experience.
Lawrence Farncombe | Strength Coach
I have been privileged enough to coach some truly talented athletes over the years.

As a strength coach I have trained athletes to win:
  • 6 World Championships
  • Two 2nd place world championships
  • 5 European Championships
  • 1 Western European Championship
  • Two 2nd Place European Championships
  • 19 British Championships
  • 2 Commonwealth championships
  • 14 English Championships
  • Plus countless titles which all meant the World for me and the athlete.

Great Britain Head powerlifting coach for the following championships;
  • 2015 EPF/IPF European men's Team Czech Republic
  • 2015 EPF/IPF European women's Team Czech Republic
  • 2015 IPF World men's Team Finland
  • 2015 IPF World women's Team Finland
  • 2016 EPF/IPF European men's Team Estonia
  • 2016 EPF/IPF European women's Team Estonia
  • 2016 IPF World men's Team USA
  • 2016 IPF World women's Team USA
  • 2016 EPF Western European men's Team Italy
  • 2016 EPF Western European women's Team Italy
  • 2017 EPF/IPF European men's Team Denmark
  • 2017 EPF/IPF European women's Team Denmark

As a S&C coach I have worked with countless athletes winning fights, tournaments and divisional championships. I worked as a strength coach in many different sports including sailing, kickboxing, triathlons, powerlifting and boxing, to name but a few.
Strength Coach Farncombe Strength Coach Farncombe Strength Coach Farncombe Strength Coach Farncombe