Personal Training Service

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m guessing you must be very serious about attaining your goals and the chances are that you will have undoubtedly trawled the web through endless sites of celebrity personal trainers with big names and even bigger egos. Unfortunately nowadays it is all too common to encounter body transformation smoke and mirrors personal trainers who promise the world and generally deliver nothing except a big dent in your bank account and a few more injuries.

Now let me explain how I differ to that type of trainer: I have worked as a trainer for nearly 20 years, not the standard 3 to 4 years. I have travelled and worked all over the world to study under the most knowledgeable minds in training physiology. I have extensive knowledge that has helped athletes to win British, European and world championships as well as training countless private clients like yourself to achieve their fitness goals and body aspirations.

You can be sure that with my extensive knowledge and experience, and your commitment, I will keep you on track, motivated and focused on achieving short and long term goals that we set together. Achieving the physique or fitness level you want will become a real team effort that is finally attainable.

Bespoke Program Design

Whatever you are looking for - whether it is general fitness, or losing weight (reducing body fat), or building muscle, (exercise therapy) recovering from injuries, sports specific training, or just a healthier lifestyle - I can design a program specifically designed to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time, based upon your age, weight, sex, health and current fitness.



"Lawrence's knowledge and experience as a trainer and coach has help me achieve one of the
best natural physiques in Europe."



"Lawrence really is the most knowledgeable PT I have ever worked with. He has helped me get in great shape for lots
of roles in film and theatre. He also seems to know every trick in the book to make you look in best possible shape in the shortest possible time, Thanks Lawrence."



"Lawrence is hands down the most knowledgeable personal trainer I have ever met. He has helped transform my
physique and install the knowledge to enhance my modelling career."

Before starting the platinum package you will need to pay £200 upfront.

For this you receive
- The full HRV package worth £300
- full Biomechanical screening worth £250.

The Platinum package includes;

- further bio-mechanical screenings are free of charge
- reassessment every 6 to 8 weeks.
- Your own bespoke programs.
- updated every 6 to 8 weeks
- Full Telephone support

Gold Package Personal Training

​- Includes initial consultation free
- Initial goals oriented assessment
- Re-assessment every 8 weeks
- Your own Bespoke programs
- Updated every 6-8 weeks
- Full telephone support

​1 Session £80/hr
5 Sessions £75/hr
10 Sessions £65hr
20 Sessions £55hr
Platinum Package Personal Training

- Includes free initial consultation
- Initial Biomechanics consultations & screening
- Initial goals oriented assessment
- Re-assessment every 6-8 weeks
- Your own Bespoke programs
- Updated every 6-8 weeks
- Full telephone support

5 Sessions £85/hr
10 Sessions £75/hr
20 Sessions £65/hr