One to One Coaching

Strength coach Farncombe only hire those that are passionate about what they do. Our team are all highly qualified with a passion for their work.

Online Powerlifting Coaching

We are specialists in our field, with many years experience and an unsurpassed dedication to our work.

Seminars & Workshops

Our aim is to deliver superior service to those in United Kingdom at an affordable and competitive price.


Whether your goals are winning world championships in elite level sports or looking and

feeling great, my extensive knowledge and experience will help you to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.I am one of the few international strength & conditioning coaches offering their expertise to private clients and athletes alike.

About the coach box

The most important credential to my name is all professional athletes I have helped to become champions in their sports during a period of nearly 20 years. I firmly believe that this truly validates what I do.

Online Powerlifting Coaching

I have been successfully provided on-line coaching to a number of GB lifters, preparing them for major international powerlifting competitions..

One to one coaching

I offer personalized and sport-specific in-season & off-season strength & conditioning programs for athletes of all levels..

What the athletes say

JOHNNY COYLE - 2014 Prize Fighter Winner, British Master Title, Southern area Title & WBC Intercontinental champion.
"Coach Farncombe has incredible knowledge when it comes to helping boxers achieve their full potential"

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